, a website where you can learn French at your own pace!

1. FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions section will serve as your guide to the site. This page has two objectives:

First, it explains how the site operates and presents the content of the various sections and sub-sections.
Next, it answers some of the questions that you may have as you navigate through the site.

2. Learning

The Learning section is your instruction tool for learning the French language. It represents one of your first experiences with Québec culture. 

Being able to express yourself in French is an effective way to successfully integrate into the Québec community.

3. Resources

 The Resources section introduces two types of organizations that can help you in your integration into Québec society.

Francization organizations: Invaluable resources for pursuing your goal of learning French.

Organizations from the various cultural communities: Help you to find the resources required to facilitate your integration.